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Nautilus T514 Treadmill

Nautilus T514 treadmill is designed to help you move from the place you are to the place you want to be. It features a 2.75 HP continuous duty motor, integrated heart rate programming, a dual screen console, and optimally cushioned running surface. It offers a speed range of 0.5 to 12 miles per hour, allowing the pace that suits your need best for varying workout levels, and a spacious 20 x 55-inch walking/running surface. Nineteen workout programs allow you to further personalize your exercise regimen, including several hill, heart rate control, and custom user-specific programs......more

List Price: $1,849.00
Price: $999.51
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Nautilus T514 Treadmill Customer Review

A fitness center favorite comes to the home

November 9, 2009 - By Derek G VINE™ VOICE

To start, I echo another reviewer in saying that my treadmill was received in bad shape as the base frame and wheels had burst completely through the bottom of the cardboard box. I also discovered evidence of discoloration on the plastic side panels that are attached to the control panel. My best guess is it was subjected to a lot of weight being stacked on it as it traveled first by airline and then delivered by semi truck via a freight company. There was no use blaming either company as they would just deny everything but considering two of three reviewers report delivery problems, this suggests Nautilus may have a problem with their packaging. (My money's on the airline trashing it). Fortunately, aside from some scuffs and a little pressure discoloration on the side panels, the treadmill seems okay.

Assembly is quite easy but because the product is heavy you will likely need assistance. You simply lift the pre-assembled control panel straight up and screw in a nut and bolt on each side with the provided hardware. After that, bend the handlegrips toward you and screw them in. Finally, attach the two side panels to each side of the control panel and you're ready to go. I found the left side was easy to screw everything into while the right side of the machine I wasn't able to screw in the parts without a lot of exertion. I most likely stripped some threads to get the screws tightened in so I wonder if there may be some quality issues in the manufacturing process. Perhaps it was the first day on the job for one of the people drilling holes in the frame. I also found that the wheels didn't roll but that may have been due to the delivery problems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before assembly be sure you place the box in the room you ultimately wish to use your treadmill in. Even when folded up, the machine is 32 inches wide; larger than many doorways.

This treadmill is my first but I have used many others at membership gyms and at friends' houses. Comparing this treadmill to others, the first thing that comes to mind is, at a whopping 72 inches in length with 54 inches of space to walk or run on, this treadmill is much longer than the residential treadmills I usually see. The second thing I noticed was I was scared to death of pulling this 200+ lb machine around with the bed tilted up. I later figured out they have a tiny shock absorber to help slow things down when you're bringing the treadmill bed back down to the floor. Even with the shock absorber, don't let go of the bed as it's dropping as it will still hit the floor with a loud thunk (and may even put a hole in it.) I wish there was a way to put a pin between the bed and base for added safety while moving it. If you wish to store the machine you will need a space that is 37"L x 32"W x 66"H.

I knocked off a star because Nautilus gives you only five feet of electric cord for a three foot wide machine. The plug is located almost on the right edge of the machine, meaning if your electric plugs are located to the left, you must place the treadmill within two feet of the electric plug. To make matters worse, the instructions specifically say you can't use an extension cord or surge protector. Nautilus needs to give residential customers a longer cord. I also found it odd that we have to go to the front of the machine, to a spot next to where the electric cord plugs in, to turn the machine on and off. There is no power button on the control panel and it doesn't appear to shut down during inactivity. Both of those should be fixed to make the treadmill more energy efficient. I was also upset to read that Nautilus wants us to lubricate the machine with 100% silicone lubricant before use. If this is as important as the instruction book indicates, then a small amount should be provided as most households don't have this lying around (WD-40 isn't an acceptable substitute). In fact, the only thing I could find at a large hardware chain was a can of Dupont Teflon/Silicone lubricant. Fortunately, a call to Nautilus confirmed this was okay to use. I still needed some direction on how much to use as the instructions were sparse. According to customer service at Nautilus, we should spray a line across the underside of the belt, roll the belt halfway around manually, then do it again. Until Nautilus starts providing lubricant with this treadmill, I suggest including LifeSpan Fitness 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant in your order.

In comparison to other treadmills, there is none of the belt slippage as you run or walk in forward motion. In fact, this is the only treadmill I have used that doesn't have this annoying problem. The motor is quite powerful and fast too. The display shows you the time you have been running, the distance (in km or mph) you ran, and the estimated calories you have burned (always so little!) My favorite display flips between the mph you are running and how long it will take you to run a full mile. Unless you can run a mile in less than five minutes I see little reason to upgrade to the more expensive T516. This bed is rated to support 350 lbs of weight, and given the strength of the frame I think the number is conservative, so it should be able to hold everyone except South Carolinians. I found the walking belt to be centered perfectly but you can adjust the tension or move the belt to the left or right using an included hex key. I did find a problem with the plastic rails on each side of the bed. Nautilus wants us to stand on these when we start the treadmill, however I notice noise coming from them as if they are scraping the belt or bed. The noise stops once we move from the rails on to the walking belt itself.

Workouts consist of either manual or pre-programmed workout modes (i.e. climbing a hill, fast and slow intervals, a heart rate control program, or a custom value for time, speed, and incline that you can program yourself.) The T516 model gives you an extra of each of these programs (three instead of two.) The program features are all nice, but frankly I enjoy the manual mode the best because we have the incline level adjustment (0-12 degrees) using an up/down switch on the left handlebar and the speed control (0-12mph) using a switch on the right handlebar. The grips also include a metal heart rate monitor but I'm knocking off a star because I didn't find these to be very accurate; either that or my heart rate instantly jumps from 85 to 120 then back again. I think it's important people know their heart-rate accurately or they could easily over-exert themselves on a treadmill this powerful. The Polar brand chest strap heart rate monitor seems accurate and it works as long as you wet the electrodes first and strap it to your bare skin. Because of the yuck factor of the entire family using, and sweating on one Polar monitor, it could be a nice feature to include one or two more to make the treadmill more family friendly.

Customer service at Nautilus was very responsive and Courtney in particular was very friendly in spite of being bombarded with my questions. The so-called 10 year warranty is a little disingenuous because items defined as wear items (grips, foam, rubber, and plastic parts) have only a 90-day warranty and the belt has only a year warranty. In my opinion, anyone dropping this kind of money on a treadmill should have at least a one year on everything. Still, even the sweatiest of South Carolinians shouldn't be able to wear through the foam handlegrips. Maybe.

As I was reviewing everything, I couldn't help but think that this was a gymnasium strength treadmill that Nautilus suddenly decided to offer to residents without taking into consideration the special needs residential users have. Considering Nautilus also owns the famous Bowflex home gyms it seems odd that they haven't thought things through a little more. I'd like to give them high marks for the machine's strength, steel frame, and overall toughness but the little things like the power cord, the side rails, the metal heart rate monitors, and the disingenuous warranty make me hesitate a little. Above all, the treadmill packaging must be upgraded so it's idiot proof or Nautilus will be fielding a lot of calls from upset customers. I give them a solid three stars.

Hope the review helped.

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