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Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill - Price: $660.00

Horizon treadmills are all about one thing – quality. Quality suspension and deck systems to help protect your body; best-in-class motors that keep going strong for years to come; and meaningful, motivating programming to help you meet your goals. At Horizon, we carefully design each treadmill to give you the comfort, control and convenience you need to succeed. Horizon treadmills use large, heavy frames, making them more solid and stable than competitors'. The Horizon T101 offers a comfortable beginning - durability and value rolled into an attractive design.....more

List Price: $799.00
Price: $660.00
You Save: $139.00 (17%)

Customer Review

Great Treadmill, March 11, 2012
By DeBate
After much research on trying to find the perfect treadmill for myself this seemed to be the perfect fit. I didn't have a very high budget, and this seemed to have all the perks plus that I was looking for. I have had this treadmill for over a month and love it! I am very happy with the purchase. Delivery was fast and easy. Assembly was easy and not time confusing at all. I have had no problems. very stable and works perfect for my everyday use. I would say for people who are looking for something to run on this may not be the perfect fit. it works wonderful for a fast paced walk. very quiet motor and belt. all and all I am so pleased with this treadmill!

Nice and quiet...yesss! But watch the console assembly,
February 7, 2012
By Seychellois
Very nice machine, wow have they made progress over the last ten years. I bought my last mill at Sears in 2002 and this unit was $200 cheaper, quieter and has speakers and a fan. This represents the Moore's law of treadmills!!

I had it shipped free courtesy of prime. That worked well, no damage at all but the delivery persons definitely did not hit the schedule. They were way early which was a hassle since I had to leave work and be at the house when they showed up. It worked fine for me because I am a short commute from work but it would be a bummer for someone who was 45 minutes from home.

Others have dissed the fan. They were right, its about as strong as a laptop fan so if you are an integrated chip you will be happy. If you are a human being this thing will not cool you off. A little gimmicky if you ask me. The speakers are cool though. I can set my Android up on Pandora and listen to the radio via the speakers, they are not JBLs but they work fine. The machine is so quiet you don't need much volume.

Display has all the stuff I need. Frankly these treadmills are beginning to look like the 80s Japanese stereo systems with a million blinking lights and goofy functionality that no one but NASA could possibly use. NASA wouldn't even use them because they don't launch treadmills into outer space. But I digress. This treadmill is simple with well thought out display and functionality.

So as anyone who is anyone in the treadmill world will tell you, what you hear about the mill during the first week of ownership is pretty useless. Its a year or two later after you have sweated all over the thing, walked the equivalent of LA to SF and have spilled three or four red bulls on the deck that the men are separated from the boys. We'll just have to see on the reliability font but my first impression is a very good one.

With regard to assembly. It was pretty easy with one important caveat which was mentioned by other reviewers and which I ignored because I am an incorrigible idiot. When you install the control panel do not, repeat, do not, tighten any of the screws until you have all four screws started. Otherwise you will scandalize the neighborhood (think Ralphie loosing the lug nuts in " A Christmas Story")and then you will sit back sweaty and pissed off and think "gee wiz some of the reviewers on Amazon said not to tighten these screws until they were all started" and then you will try it the "Amazon way" and you will feel,as I did, like an incorrigible idiot.

one week update: I continue to be extremely happy with this unit. Quiet and capable of hauling my (curently) 218 lb body. I walk so can't comment on running. I will say at 3.2 MPH and at all inclines it remains quiet, sturdy and very comfortable.

Couple of nit noys:
The user manual is useless. Must have been written by someone who never uses a treadmill. Prepare to figure out a bunch of things for yourself.
The thing beeps multiple times when you turn it on, when you turn it off, when you increase or decrease speed, when you look at it funny, etc. Enough with the beeping, totally ruins the chi of an otherwise very quiet mill.
As other reviewers have noted, you can not enter your weight so the calorie counter is effectively useless unless you are some nominal weight which, of course, they do not identify. If you knew that weight you could calculate an adjustment table. This is a pretty silly oversight IMO.

Otherwise it is a great mill and I have seen nothing which would change my mind about my purchase.

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